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21.12.2019 // 23:00 Uhr

What Difference Does It Make sind kurz vor Weihnachten zurück in Leipzig!

DJs.: Hanebüchen / Monophonic / Future Sailor

+++ Sie spielen einen wilden Mix an Indiepop, Post-Punk, New Wave, Hamburger Schule und Sixties +++

The Cure//The Pastels//Pavement//Talking Heads//Belle & Sebastian/The Kinks//Sonic Youth//Tocotronic//Velvet Underground//The Radio Dept//Kate Bush//Stone Roses//Veronica Falls//Tame Impala//Joy Division//The Smiths//Fehlfarben///The B-52's//Orange Juice//Bleached//Of Montreal//Crystal Stilts//John Maus//The Vaselines//Happy Mondays//F.S.K.//Gang of Four//Mo-Dettes//DEVO//The Fall//The Bats//The Chills//Electrelane//Girls Names//Fad Gadget //Roxy Music//Grauzone//The Feelies//DAF//Tom Tom Club//Ramones//Blondie//The KVB//The Jesus and Mary Chain//Drangsal//Siouxsie and the Banshees//Die GoldenenZitronen//FleetwoodMac//Huah!//Abwärts//Wire//Motorama// Beat Happening//Jacques Dutronc//Echo & the Bunnymen// Human League//David Bowie//Housemartins//X-Ray Spex//The Go-Betweens//Die Sterne//La Femme//The Slits//Klaus Johann Grobe//Isolation Berlin//Pixies//Buzzcocks//The Field Mice//Kante//Prince//Andreas Dorau//Camera Obscura//Pulp//Falco//Messer//Malaria!//TOPS//
France Gall//Delta 5//The Jam////Sparks//Chuckamuck//Anne Clark//Karies// Girls At Our Best//Mutter//Ideal//OMD

Ort: Tanzcafé Ilses Erika



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